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Always by your side...
Hyosung will create the living culture of the 21st century
For anyone, anywhere, anytime, Hyosung is always by your side.
Wheter it's textiles, construction, chemicals, information & communication, trading or heavy industries, Hyosung is striving for better human life.
Meet the best
As a major player in the global market of nylon fiber, carpets and ATMs, Hyosung ranks 1st in tire cord and 2nd in spandex global marke share. With 7 performance goups, 25 performance units and 32 overseas subsidiaries in nearly 160 countries, Hyosung is committed to supporting all of our customers in every way.
Nylon Fiber Performance Unit lies in the Center of Hyosung.
Having positioned itself as the company's basis since foundation, the Nylon Performance Unit has grown to become the world's 5th biggest nylon manufacture not only in production capacity but also in quality assurance and development strength.
We are setting trends in the future textile industry through our differentiated product portfolio, ranging from general textile yarns to high-functional specialty yarns.
Always by your side
Having secured the best technology power and international production capacity, Hyosung os enhancing its product mix to meet the diverse needs of our custimers. In addition, Hyosung is promoting various events to offer our customers an opportunity to experience new thechnologids. Primarily aiming at maximizing customer satisfaction, Hyosung is always by your side.
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